Standard Menu

Full English breakfast
Bacon, sausage, beans, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast or bread and butter.
NB : vegetarian option available       £3.75

The Breakfast Batch
Bacon, sausage, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms. Served in a gigantic jaws batch   £3.75   

Omelettes - Choose your own filling      £3.50        

With chips and salad       £3.95

Hot Sandwiches
Bacon or sausage         £2.25      
Bacon (or sausage) & egg    £2.45         
Bacon (or sausage) & tomatoes    £2.45    
Bacon (or sausage) & mushrooms    £2.45
Bacon and sausage        £2.55
Hot baguettes and batches  40p extra

Cold sandwiches (white or wholemeal)
Sliced egg or egg mayo      £2.25
Tuna or tuna sweet corn mayonnaise   £2.35
Cheddar cheese     £2.35
Honey roast ham     £2.35  
Turkey      £2.35       
Corned beef      £2.35    
Roast chicken     £2.40
Chicken varieties    £2.40
Bacon, lettuce and tomato   £2.40      
Roast pork, stuffing and apple sauce (hot)  £2.50  
Prawns   £2.60
Other fillings
(beetroot, olives, sweet corn, pineapple)   10p each

Add salad for  20p
Cold baguettes and batches 40p extra    
Toasted sandwiches  20p extra

Sauces available no extra charge

Panini's   £3.50
The Big Bite Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg mayo tomatoes, mushrooms)
Tuna melt (tuna, mayo and cheese)
Hawaiian (ham, pineapple and cheese)
Pizza (cheese, tomatoes and onion)
The Big Bite Special  (bacon, chicken and cheese)

CREATE YOUR OWN (3 toppings)      
Add toppings 20p

Jacket Potatoes
Plain (with butter or mayo)  £1.80   
Cheddar cheese  £1.00
Beans   60p
Coleslaw   60p             
Sandwich fillings  £1.00     

Sausage rolls    £1.20             
Steak slices     £1.70          
Beef pastry    £1.70  

Salad Feast Boxes  from £3.45       

Customised salads, tailored to your individual taste

Fruit Salad    £1.95           

Fresh fruit selection  50p

Crisps from 60p                   

Chocolate bars  65p            

Cakes    from 85p                

Breakfast platters available  from £2.50    

Tea   £1.00               
Instant coffee  £1.00               
Hot chocolate   £1.20             
Canned drinks from 85p              

Tea or instant coffee to take out


Hot Meals   £3.95

Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Chicken Pie, Chilli and Rice, Chicken Curry, Steak and Ale Pie


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Take Away a family size for £10

Why not pre-order your lunch to save you time?

Delivery service available for orders placed over £15.

Gluten free sandwich options available.

Please contact us to discuss other dietary requirements.